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Interview around a carpet

with Cyril Rumpler

Cyril Rumpler, founder of SOFTICATED, signs a first line of hand-tufted rugs, whose chic classicism reflects the spirit of the brand. Four questions are asked about function and form.


From the Pazyryk rug of 2,500 years ago, to the contemporary editions made by today's great designers, to what do you attribute the continued success of this accessory?

The carpet seems to appear instinctively in one’s imagination upon seeing any living space. Covering the floor is a functional reflex, but it also comes from a desire to adorn the habitat, in most civilizations. It is said that originally, it embodied a sacred space and symbolized the perfection of the world. Today, it represents a certain idea of comfort and standing. A rug, considered as an accessory, is, in my opinion, the essential element of living rooms; if I were restricted to a choice of a single movable object for a main room or a bedroom, I would opt for the rug which, beyond delimiting the space and magnifying it, meets all needs: one can eat, sleep, work or chat on it.
In the West and particularly in France, with the spirit of the Aubusson and Savonnerie factories, quality rugs represent the elegance of beautiful interiors.


What was the creative basis on which you designed your collections?

Like the Japanese Fuzei, I wanted to design a furnishing element with the power to produce an overall feeling and to bring a strong signature. A rug is ideal for this. It offers very broad graphic and chromatic possibilities. I started thinking about three designs: Coast and Ocean, two
Coast and Oceantwo rectangular rugs, and Beacha round rug, take up the central motif of the Ebb & FlowTheir elegant geometric shape allows a choice of customizable tones.
The Weightlessness brings in Light, Orange, Yellowthree rectangular pieces composed of a central medallion and a very modern outer secondary border.
In the Soft Soft Re-Creationseries, two plain rectangular models, beige or blue.


Entretien autour des tapis



What materials and techniques have you chosen for manufacturing?

For the rugs in the Soft Re-Creation line, I chose Econyl, a high-quality nylon made from fishing net recovered from the oceans, and fully recyclable.
For the Weightlessness and Ebb & FlowI opted for a hand-tufted weave, wool and silk, because of the comfort and insulating qualities of this ancestral manual technique.
There are several standard formats (2x3m - 3x4m - 3.5x4.5m - 4x5m), but it is possible to produce larger sizes on request.
The weaving was done entirely in Portugal by an artisanal tapestry workshop of great renown, in existence for more than seventy years.


In conclusion, are you currently working on any other carpet projects?

I consider the rug to be an essential accessory of the home. I plan to create two to three lines per year, in order to offer SOFTICATED customers a wide range of patterns, shapes and colors. Currently, I’m working on pieces that will be launched in 2022.

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