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Cyril Rumpler

Cyril Rumpler entered the realm of furniture design by that most beautiful of doors: that of his dream! Self-taught, he spent his entire career promoting packaging for the pharmaceutical industry. He has always been fascinated by the impact an object can have on the mood and emotions of the purchaser. In his spare time, he designs objects, infusing them with the power to convey happiness: carpets, light fixtures and seating. A few years ago, after a life-changing accident, he accelerated destiny by devoting himself to his passion by creating Softicated, the brand that brings well-being to one’s inner-self and one’s Home interior.

«A home is not only a title deed but a concentration of intimacy and personality ! »

Style and Emotions

Each creation begins with a line, a curve. This is where Cyril Rumpler’s inspiration comes from. It is the pureness of a personal perspective that is emerging, and not of a master or a style, in particular. The starting point is the shaping of the material to give a feeling of tranquility, calmness, balance and comfort with generous and reassuring dimensions. But not only... An emotion, the awakening of the senses also emerges from these objects, challenged by details unique to each creation.

“You can linger and always find something interesting to look at, from any angle, even the least visible, it is what gives personality to these objects.”


“I hope that objects can be truly linked to those who buy them, that they can become points of attachment in increasingly challenging, complicated lives”… Cyril Rumpler has always felt a responsibility in the sustainable development and recycling of materials. Limiting the number of manufacturing steps of an object and recycling are major components of its design and manufacturing specifications.Designed with a minimum of materials and without mixed materials: wood, glass, steel, by artisans who manufacture high-quality objects, a long storage of furniture that can be repaired and renovated.

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